About Myself

Clovis Okonkwo Chisom is a self taught Google Associate Android Developer, Google professional Cloud Architect, Microsoft Azure Developer Associate, Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Associate, Oracle Associate Developer, Product Designer, Cyber Security Specialits and an Associate Software Engineer working for Novo Health Africa. He has years of experience designing and developing web and mobile applications in the Health, School, Logistics, Hotel, Real Estate, Religion, NGO, Coporate Services and Environmental Security.

Clovis enjoys to design, develop, find solution and solve problems. He spends his time researching about new technologies in areas where he finds interesting in other to solve a problem or innovate a solution.

He is a also graduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Worked on an innovative published Project on High Penetration of PhotoVoltaic Power Generation, Clovis spends his time reading, learning, practicing, designing, developing applications and mentoring upcoming designers and developers.

As a successful graduate of ALC with Google (Google Africa Scholarship), he loves to build and contribute to tech communities. He currently works with Facebook DevC Lagos, as a Design Lead and in ALC with Google as an Android and GCP Mentor scholarship tracks.

R e s u m e

Job History

These are companies i have worked in and i am currently working with in different capacities

Associate Developer

Novo Health Africa, Lagos - Nigeria

As the Associate software developer in Novo Health Africa Limited, I'm in charge of the product designing and developemnt of mobile and web applications of the company.

Android Developer

Kunatalogic, Nigeria

At Kunatalogic i was the team lead in Product Design and Android Development, We Developed scalable Android applications designed for enterprises and organisational uses.

IT Consultant

Act Trust Foundation, Nigeria

I am responsible for the company's infrastructural maintenance, website solution uptime and solution provision to every technical problem that comes up. i make sure that the company is safe from hackers and phishing attacks.


Adisly Consult, Canada

I am responsible for the smooth operation of the design and development team, assigning of tasks, development and deployment of web and mobile applications. i interface with clients to understand their problems and profer a solution

Contact Me

If you are looking at designing and developing an innovative website, web application or maintaining one you can reach out to me. Also if you are interested in hiring an IT consultant, Mobile app developer or Cyber Security Specialist... I'm your guy

+234 0703 8958 555